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Building a new home can be both a great and crazy experience with all the things that people have to think about and the items they have to pick out to get that “just right” look.  One of the most overlooked areas is the home’s exterior façade.  No longer are vinyl siding and brick your only options.  Many large and small commercial jobs look for the innovative ideas that E.I. F. S. and related products can add to their building to make it distinctive from other buildings in the area.  This can also be used in the often overlooked residential market. Not only do E.I.F.S. (Exterior Insulation Finishing System) and its related products add beauty to your home but it also adds precious value.  Another plus is that the products are light weight (no footings or ledges are necessary).  And because it’s done with foam, you can virtually create any design you wish at a fraction of the cost.  

There are numerous brand names on the market that are all very good products when applied properly by trained professionals.  Three of the most popular brand names in this area are “DRY-VIT”, “STO” or STO GUARD” and “SYNERGY”.  All are very similar but yet vary in small ways.  The basic procedures for all these products are essentially the same.  Your contractor would gladly sit down with you or your builder and explain the different products and the procedures they use to apply them. 

            Another form of exterior design is to use the old “conventional stucco” method.  When applying stucco, the contractor uses metal lath or mesh in lieu of Styrofoam.  The best “look” usually comes when you combine “E.I.F.S.”  and some of the stucco techniques that are now available.  For example, with products now on the market you could put a stone or brick look on one portion of you home, i.e. quoins, window trim or partial fronts and E.I.F.S. on another part to give your home a beautiful contrast

.            It is also possible to give your home a “granite” stone look with products that are offered by all three of the brand names mentioned here.  The one popular line of finishes, “Terra Neo” can be applied on E.I.F.S., stucco, concrete and other approved substrates.  It incorporates the use of black and white mica flakes and is “trowel” applied producing a rich finish that looks like natural granite.  This beauty enriching product combined with other sprayed on stone-like products can give you a contrasting look that is magnificent.  If you’re thinking about using some of these products, don’t be afraid to come up with ideas that are challenging to your E.E.F.S. contractor.  There’s not much he can’t do so BE BOLD!

            In closing, I would remind everyone that when choosing an E.I. F. S. contractor, just as any other contractor, make sure he is a certified, reputable applicator.  Ask to see some of his work and his certification.  Ask him about the “drainage systems” he uses and the types of products and methods of application he uses.  After you do that, just watch the beauty of your home grow right in front of your eyes!


Written by:  John Loch

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